Secure Destruction Services

Information is all-powerful, and all-pervasive. It’s also persistent and hard to destroy.

In our many years’ experience in information management, we understand security and legal necessities. Part of the process is correct waste handling and confidential destruction. Our Secure Destruction service incorporates every stage, from collection to transportation, storing and servicing, to final destruction. Complete confidence in data destruction demands a high degree of trust and a meticulous adherence to process. Crown Records Management owns a specialized destruction service center in China.

We destroy confidential materials such as:

  • Confidential documents
  • Paper marketing materials
  • Storage media (computer hard disks)
  • Disc and film

Once your items have been destroyed, we will issue a legal certificate of destruction to maintain a complete audit trail.

We maintain an efficient and extensive waste collection network in China. Our destruction centers are operated by experienced professionals and service more than 3,000 client from different commercial sectors.