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New partnership will enable organisations to ensure vital long term digital records remain accessible into the future.

As technology moves forwards at a faster and faster pace, businesses are being warned there is a serious risk of stored digital data becoming unreadable in the next decade. Market-leading information management consultancy, Crown Records Management, has selected digital preservation specialist, Preservica, as its solution partner to help businesses safeguard their digital records and ensure they are accessible over the long term. 

Crown Records Management provides a full suite of information management services, as well as storage management for paper records and an Information Audit service for both paper and digital records. The new partnership will marry this service with Preservica’s archiving and preservation software to offer customers a new service for protecting long-term digital records. 

Dominic Johnstone, Head of Information Management Services at Crown Records Management, comments: “There is a vast and growing amount of digital information that organisations across all sectors need to keep long-term for compliance, regulatory, legal and business value reasons.  Businesses are beginning to wake up to the reality that much of this information is at risk of becoming unusable over time due to technology and software obsolescence. Formats such as Lotus 1-2-3 and Wordstar are already obsolete, and Word Perfect, and .MOV are in real danger of being unreadable in the near future, even though these formats were incredibly widespread just a few years ago.

“This new partnership with Preservica is an exciting complement to our existing portfolio of services and one we are seeing strong demand for as clients seek to better protect their valuable digital information assets.”

Preservica CEO Mike Quinn added: “Long-term digital preservation is high on the information management agenda in 2017, and our partnership with Crown Records Management is further evidence of that. While the majority of information governance practitioners know that digital records and information is at risk, their preservation and governance strategies have simply not caught up.

“We look forward to working with Crown Records Management to ensure their customers’ valuable electronic records remain accessible and useable into the future.”

This solution is already in use at the likes of HSBC, Transport for London (TfL), BT and Government archives to safeguard their digital content, ensuring it is accessible for years to come.

Crown Records Management and Preservica are running a series of educational webinars on digital archiving and preservation over the coming months.

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‘Is Your Strategy for Long-Term Digital Information Putting Your Organization at Risk?’

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