Understand your information

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape and a desire to cut costs, it’s hardly suprising that systems and processes which once were up to speed can quickly fall behind the curve, reducing efficiency and exposing the organisation to greater risk.

Our information audit is a comprehensive assessment that will give you a clear understanding of your organisation’s information management maturity. Helping you to: 

  • Define your processes but also enable them to be streamlined, understood, clear and followed
  • Categorise which types of information you have and what systems are they stored in
  • Understand all your information assets from creation to capture, to storing, managing and preserving
  • Understand and mitigate any business liabilities and exposure to upcoming and current legislation

Our Information Audit helps you build the case for change. Through clear and verifiable evidence, cross referenced to industry standards and regulations, the audit produces results to demonstrate the need for improvement.

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