Records Management For The Legal Industry

Compliance and the legal sector go hand in hand

For law firms to get the most from their information, it is imperative for that information to be accessible whilst being secure. Compliance is at the centre of it all – from data protection to on-site file tracking, and digital journeys where physical files are converted to digital. 

Getting that balance right is our core approach when helping clients manage their information, whether it be their own clients’ confidential files, employee records or other business data.

Through years of experience, we have learned how to satisfy the regulatory demands of the legal profession. We assist firms in creating a set of policies and systems that are practical. We can support with information audits to clarify what information you have and where it is all the way to technological solutions such as systems integration and long-term digital preservation. The added benefit here is a single point of contact across multiple services, from document management, and scanning to long-term digital preservation.