Financial Services UK


The client has six offices in the northwest of England and had outsourced its document storage
services to a local company. The client relied on a daily delivery and collection from
each office.


The client’s supplier had not been recording indexing information on box exteriors

correctly and service levels had deteriorated. Boxes were going missing, deliveries arriving late and items requested absent. The situation became increasingly frustrating, and the company invited potential new providers to tender for the service.

The solution


Crown’s proposal was successful because of its inclusion of services, which would enhance and automate many existing processes.

Project meetings took place between Crown, the customer and the out-gong supplier to agree on the best method to move the account. From the outset, Crown took on all responsibilities of the account including managing service requests. Daily transfers of boxes began, with regulations in place to ensure each party was aware of its responsibilities.

The account was structured so that each department was treated separately to track its use of our services. Beyond accounting, it was possible to have different indexing and service rules for each department. During the process some departments required detailed audits of their
documents. We undertook these audits in a controlled and methodical approach, due to the way in which the account was structured.

All service requests and new item creation (including all data entry) became automated and, on a daily basis, all information electronically transferred to us to ensure accurate processing and preparation of services.

The service ranges from managing entire boxes, to individual documents. Individual sheets of paper are faxed back to the client, with a full audit of activity. This practice became increasingly popular, with many documents now being sent in this way.

Seminar training was also given to the client’s staff to make them aware of the services available, and how to use them to ensure best practice.

The Result

The service is now well established and our relationship very strong. Crown acts as the invisible partner providing the link between the staff and their documents. All of the client’s staff can therefore concentrate on their core activities, leaving the records management services to the experts - Crown Records Management.