Global Pharmaceuticals


Faced with strict compliance regulations and the need to manage multiple suppliers, a global pharmaceutical company contacted Crown to assist with managing their documents.

Following recent acquisitions, the company had multiple vendors for scanning, secure destruction and offsite storage. Inconsistent service, uneven costs and different processes left the company struggling to manage its documents efficiently.


The company wished to implement a single records management policy across all of its locations and was looking for a supplier flexible enough, with sufficient experience in dealing with international locations and several vendors.

There were challenges involved in working across international borders:

  • Some countries were using multiple vendors, not approved by the client
  • Other countries represented a greater ‘social risk’, leading to restricted access to the site and limited help from employees
  • Some countries had more than one records policy and pending legal cases

The solution

A skilled and experienced team

Crown provided a team of experts to solve these issues and devised a simple methodology:

  • An initial audit for each site
  • High-level inventories
  • A scope of work for each  existing vendor
  • Providing training to manage, change and drive new processes
  • Processing and packing records

Chantale Lecap was the global Customer Relationship Manager for the project and was accountable for the budget, global reporting, managing existing vendors, and defining service agreements and performance metrics with the customer. 

Crown worked with two partners on this project: one a specialist in implementing record

management policies within the pharmaceutical industry, with experience of process

improvements in corporate accounts; the other, an alliance network of lawyers to ensure legal compliance in all locations.

Our HR managers assisted the company in dealing with local issues regarding social risks in various locations and minimising that risk for the customer.

Stuart Lawson, Crown’s expert in vendor management, was involved in defining the key performance indicators to manage external vendors.

We also appointed a local Project Manager who was accountable for implementing the new records management policy, managing the Crown team onsite and being the main contact for the global Customer Relationship Manager.

Due to our considerable experience with other global organisations, we were able to provide appropriate resources, the ideal number of people on each site and deliver the project within the allocated timeframes.