Law Firm UK


This company is a regional law firm with five offices in the Midlands. Their main issue was inconsistent handling of information across the business.


As with many organisations, they had grown through acquisition and had adopted numerous referencing systems throughout their business, with no two offices recording files in the same way. This made files hard to find.

The company employed two full-time filing clerks and rented a building, which had been adapted to house the files. This was not the only storage site, as further files were being stored in attics and loft spaces, basements and even in a barn.

They were constantly running out of space as the practice continued to grow, costs were escalating but the central issue was not eliminated.

The solution

Following intervention by Crown, the customer has a system that allows them to understand exactly how many items they have.

The client can now make electronic requests of the service on a weekly basis and we deliver any files that have been requested.

In addition, they are able to send complete electronic listings of new items and this information is transferred into our database. As a result, we are able to capture five fields of reference with no additional data entry (or associated costs).

The client now know who spends what in each branch, and who uses the service most, giving them greater accountability and control of budgets.

Real benefits

The client has a better knowledge of its filing system and a greater confidence throughout the business. It has meant better response times for customers and provided a greater degree of customer satisfaction. All of this for less than the original costs.

Now that is what we would call real benefits.