Public Service UK


This public sector organisation had its own facility for storing documentation. The process was managed by a team of staff, with daily deliveries and collections from each of their many offices across London.


Storage facilities were reaching capacity at 70,000 cartons, and space was hard to find in easy reach of the city. It became necessary to establish a relationship with an appropriate records management provider to complement existing facilities and add capacity.

The solution

Finding value in reorganisation

Crown’s proposal was to assist the customer in identifying the less-frequently moved information, in order to provide capacity and to minimise cost.

We captured information for each item, to create a detailed inventory. The inventory now makes it possible for the client to track ownership of items to different departments, and account for items more easily.

We also provide management information to track high activity items, so to flag any possible changes to storage locations to save money on transport.

The service is on a request only basis (although the frequency is almost daily), and is coordinated to ensure that our vehicle arrives at the customer’s data centre well before their vehicle sets off to provide the service to their offices.

The essence of the service lies in the flexibility of Crown’s capacity - it’s a ‘bolt on’ storage and management service. We monitor the service and ensure that, as their data centre reaches full capacity, Crown can quickly react and undertake additional transfers.

The result

The obvious benefit is that our customer has not had to invest in any new land, property or facilities to enable them to comply with document retention legislation.

The service provided by Crown matches their in house service to ensure that their departments are unaware that their documents are held externally. Through our made-to-order services, the client can retrieve their documents just as easily as before.