Records Management For The Healthcare Industry

Applying robust records management systems to healthcare is more vital with each passing day.

We’re seeing a constant drive to reduce cost and the amount of real estate utilised for non-clinical activity. For this reason, it is critical to utilise a holistic approach to the management of healthcare records.

We work with healthcare providers’ records management and procurement teams to develop records management strategies that protect vital patient information. Our end-to-end solution to manage their records provides significant efficiencies in both staffing and space, it incorporates:

  • Notes production and cataloguing 
  • Off-site storage
  • Document retrieval, preparation and delivery by clinic

The information management expertise across our team means it’s possible to design and implement procedures that encourage better practices and reduces the chance of a data breach. 

Our services provide the NHS with a simple, fast and efficient method to access patient records. Healthcare professionals can work better when they’re able to focus on their own service delivery. Healthcare teams are satisfied that compliance is assured, whilst staying within budgets and overcoming property challenges.