Active File Management

Make your paper documents work harder

Our active file management service provides convenient access to your documents that are stored in off-site storage. You will have a clear view of your information, you can identify what you need and access it easily.

Actively managing your files offers improvements in productivity and response times, saving you time and money.

What are the benefits?

  • Effective live storage - We offer a file level audit trail and a system which delivers an efficient and inexpensive way to keep those files off-site. All files are registered and stored in our centres as individual items.
  • Indexing and capture - Each file is added to the archive through file level entry screens to capture the data. These filters ensure that required control data and mandatory information is captured, ensuring integrity of the data and consistency throughout the system. Individual files are given a unique barcode and indexed onto the system via a web interface. This creates a comprehensive listing of the file for future search and retrieval.
  • Increased access, faster response - Files are scanned on arrival at our centres and physically stored as items in their own right, with specific shelf locations, in file management cartons. Files managed in this way are immediately accessible; our staff quickly retrieve them, much faster than conventional handling of a file from a carton.
  • Search faster - This powerful search engine gives fast, accurate results. We can customise “quick search” shortcuts using terms you define, and results are immediately exported to you.
  • Online shopping - Ordering physical records from the archive couldn’t be easier. Simply add items as you find them to the shopping cart. Choose from a complete list of services to get your records delivered where and when you need them.