Unlock your information

Digital scanning of documents makes all your business records instantly available. Our digitising technology gives our customers easy access to information and greater control. Digitising handwritten or printed information instantly multiplies the possibilities for using your information.

We provide a complete scanning service, either through regular input or intake of batched volumes of documents, or scanning individual documents on demand. We design our workflow around yours and the particular needs of your business to ensure your requirements are met.

Once paper is scanned, it enables digital sharing between users. This workflow creates a powerful tool and will dramatically increase efficiency. The combination of our processes being compliant with BS10008, and our certification in ISO27001 and 9001, ensure the legal admissibility and evidential weighting standards are adhered too, resulting in exceptional quality scanning.   

Why use our expertise?

  • We store and manage billions of documents around the globe
  • We can scan unusual sizes – even geophysical data prints that are many meters long
  • We have the ability to pick up, scan and store original documents as long as you require all done by us
  • We will advise you on the economics of scanning
  • We understand your requirements, offer a free test scan, make searchable (OCR) by default and offer online storage or transfer

What are the benefits?

  • Peace of mind - Electronic documents are much easier to locate, manage and to update. You can make sure all policies are compliant and stored in just one location ensuring the correct version is always in use.
  • Reduce risk - In the event of a legal case, how long would it take for you to locate and retrieve all paper records relating to a particular subject?
  • Minimise storage costs - Free up your own server space for critical information.
  • Agile working and efficiency - Electronic documents are easy to search and are accessible wherever you are based.
  • Vital record protection - Paper can be misplaced, damaged or inadvertently destroyed, worries avoided with electronic records.