“I want to help clients understand how important their information is”

Business Development Manager Pelotshweu Saidi Machibe at our facility in Gaborone, Botswana Helping companies to manage growing records and prepare for the future is key to Business Development Manager Pelotshweu Saidi Machibe’s role at Crown Records Management. 
Working in our Gaborone facility in Botswana, Pelotshweu regularly deals with clients who are struggling to cope with an increase in their documentation. “Companies are finding themselves with a mass of records they can no longer manage,” he explains. “Common challenges include not having easy access to files, losing records and not having a retention policy in place.” 
Pelotshweu certainly has the experience to lend a helping hand, with nearly 15 years in the industry. “I started out as a records clerk with the Botswana Defence Force and worked at Document Bank as a filing system analyst before joining Crown three years ago,” he recounts. Since joining the team in Gaborone, Pelotshweu has had the opportunity to develop his skills further. “Crown’s training and workshops have been some of the most satisfying aspects of working with the company,” he says, adding, “I also enjoy working with innovative thinkers that I can learn from.” 
A great deal of Pelotshweu’s role is using his expertise to educate clients about the value of taking care of their records. His top tip for companies is to consider the importance of security, especially as compliance continues to tighten globally. “I want to help clients understand how important and how confidential their information is,” he explains. “Our confidential handling, secure monitoring and controlled environments ensure the safety and privacy of records.” Through consultations with clients, Pelotshweu is able to offer space saving and accessible secure solutions that also create cost savings for their businesses. 
Pelotshweu knows he won’t just be dealing with the safety and security of paper records in the near future; he’s gearing up for big changes. He says, “In the next three years, more organizations will convert to electronic management and cloud-based storage. We’re ready to help with that journey.” He’s excited about the benefits this future will bring. “The changes just keep coming,” he says. “Cloud storage will become even more user-friendly, allowing organizations to access documents and share with colleagues, smoothing the collaboration process.”
As far as his own future is concerned, Pelotshweu is looking forward to taking on more managerial responsibilities and continuing to grow Crown Records Management’s business in Botswana.