Choosing the right box for your file storage makes a difference

Retaining records is not just a matter of storage. It’s also about security, efficiency, and ease of retrieval.

Selecting the correct box is crucial to your records management success. A box that is too small or too large can crush and deform your documents. And you may be tempted to add inappropriate files to larger boxes to save space. This makes retrieval inefficient and time-consuming. If your filing room is a jumble of mismatched monitor boxes, copy paper boxes, shoeboxes, and assorted envelopes, you could be looking at a compliance and auditing nightmare.

What are the qualities of a good records box? The appropriate box will snuggly fit the records being stored. Standard boxes come in legal bankers, letter bankers, letter/legal, check bankers, and other sizes. Choose a box that fits the needs of the contents. A good records box should not be too heavy when full, and should be able to successfully store between 35 – 75lbs of paper weight. 

Crown Records Management

Cardboard boxes are the perfect materials for record storage purpose. These boxes last for a very long time, until and unless they are protected from water and fire. When your data is stored at Crown's secure management center, you can be assured that your compliance obligations are met, your disaster recovery is enhanced and your legal liability is limited.

Crown's Management Centers are purpose-built with special racking systems, advanced bar code tracking systems, security systems, climate controls and electronic media storage rooms. Crown takes care of corporate information, printed, or digital, throughout its entire lifecycle, from creation through to eventual long-term preservation or destruction.

Try not to choose boxes with glued seams. These can degrade over time and tend to burst as they age. Instead, look for one-piece boxes with a strong lid integrated into the structure. Be sure the box is labeled both on the side facing the center of the room, and on the lid as well for ease of access.

Companies like Crown Records Management exist for a reason: Most of the time it makes sense to outsource the task of records storage and management because it's cheaper, easier, faster and more secure. Crown's off-site document management solutions not only free up valuable office space and eliminate the burden of coordinating and managing cartons and files, but also provide automated retention notifications and destruction alert services. These alerts help clients meet corporate standards for retaining and destroying their documents, which support regulatory requirement strategies.

We will pick up 1 box or 5,000. Our storage facilities in Houston, Hawaii and New Jersey are state of the art and will secure your documents, in our custom Crown cartons to store your files. We know data, we know files and we know boxes. 

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