Crown Thailand’s Golden Relay event

As part of Crown’s Golden Relay, seven Crown Thailand team members and corporate guests took part in a 100 km bicycle ride. Dressed in Crown-branded cycling jerseys and accompanied by a Crown truck and a Thai police escort, the riders and Crown employees providing support embarked on a ride through both paved and rural dirt roads.Crown Thailand’s Golden Relay event

The ride took place from Khao Yai National Park to the Ban Thamnoptewada School, a local government school in need of support. Funds raised from this event will be used to improve the daily school environment for its students, aged three to nine. The team worked hard to get sponsorship from suppliers and customers such as Alliance, The Australian Embassy and the Marriott. They actually doubled their fundraising target reaching US$ 2,697, which was presented to the school by the bike riders.Crown Thailand’s Golden Relay event

One of the riders, Country Manager Leon Hulme, said: "We were delighted to raise this much money for a very worthy cause. The school and the children really need this kind of support. It must have been quite an interesting spectacle for these children to witness all these foreigners in Crown shirts arriving at this school on bicycles behind a police escort! The ride itself took us through some beautiful countryside and was a good physical and mental test for the riders, especially when we came to the hills! Our Crown teams did a great job in contacting our customers and vendors who quickly contributed to what they too thought was a fantastic cause."

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Kitiya Angsanaporn Office Manager

About Kitiya Angsanaporn: A native born Thai who spent several years in Australia as a Restaurant Manager, now dedicates her management excellency to oversee Crown Thailand and has been with us for almost eight years.