Deloitte’s 2017 Millennial Survey

A turbulent 2016—punctuated by terror attacks in Europe, Brexit, and a contentious U.S. presidential election—appears to have rattled millennials’ confidence, according to Deloitte’s sixth annual Millennial Survey. They indicate they’re less likely to leave the security of their jobs, more concerned about uncertainty arising from conflict, and are not optimistic about the directions their countries are going. 
From the 8,000 millennials from 30 countries that were surveyed, key findings include:
  • Millennials are concerned about a world that presents numerous threats and want multinational businesses to do more to alleviate society’s biggest challenges
  • Respondents increasingly question their personal prospects
  • Those who enjoy flexible working arrangements express higher levels of performance, loyalty, and trust
  • Millennials in emerging markets generally expect to be both financially and emotionally better off than their parents compared with much less millennials from mature markets
  • More than half of millennials say they are provided with opportunities to contribute to charities/worthwhile causes in their workplaces
  • In general, millennials do not support leaders who take controversial or divisive positions, or aim for radical transformation rather than gradual change
  • Half see the workplace becoming more impersonal and less human with automation