Five tips to safeguard your personal information

Identity theft is on the rise as criminals increasingly use internet forums to buy and sell data. It's important for people to take action to prevent falling victim

Five tips to safeguard your personal information
Five tips to safeguard your personal information

John Culkin, Crown’s Director of Information, offers tips to safeguard your personal information.

  1. Don’t click on any links emailed from organizations you don’t deal with, especially if they ask you to enter your account details.
  2. When loading apps onto your cell phone, take a moment to consider what information that app actually requires. Does a game really need to access your contacts or camera?
  3. Check the privacy settings on all your social media accounts. Facebook is frequently used to log into a variety of accounts and services but few people use the “privacy check-up”. It’s also worth going one step further, check out the “see more setting options”, you may be surprised what you find. Do you really want strangers seeing all your posts and details?
  4. Get into the habit of not sharing your details with third parties when it’s requested of you. The more places your details are held, the more likely they are to be stolen.
  5. It’s been said a million times but to really protect your passwords, make sure your security software is up-to-date, especially antivirus software.