Graduation – Hawaiian style!

Hawaii is known for its island spirit of “ohana,” which means “family”, but also includes dear friends as well. The importance of ohana is pervasive throughout Hawaiian culture, not just in personal relationships, but in business relationships, too. The Crown Records Management team in Mililani, Hawaii, embraces the ohana spirit in the way they care for their clients, treating each one as a valued friend and providing helpful services to provide for their information management needs. 

Ohana is also felt each year at graduation ceremonies in Hawaii; wonderfully festive, fun and colorful events. Books are closed, tests are done and now it’s time to celebrate! And in Hawaii, this means leis of all types showered upon the graduates at the close of a graduation ceremony.

Family plays a big part in the graduation fun. Leis include the traditional flower leis of tropical foliage, fragrant and colorful and piled generously on graduates. Leis don’t have to be just flowers, though; they can also be highly creative, depending partly on the family culture and the personalities of the creators. Imagine every graduate covered with flower leis, candy leis, food leis, money leis, balloon leis and more. 

It’s all great fun and part of the celebrated Hawaiian culture of ohana. Congratulations, graduates, from Crown Records Management Hawaii! 

About the author

Lezlie St. Germain General Manager - Hawaii

Lezlie was born and raised in Hawaii. She has been with Crown for over 14 years. She started as a freight coordinator and was appointed to her current role as General Manager – Hawaii in 2006. Lezlie was the recipient of the Jim and Sadie Thompson Award in 2004, awarded to an outstanding employee in the Americas region who embodies dedication, loyalty, commitment to quality, adaptability, respect for others and teamwork.