India reaches five million cartons

Praveen Joseph, General Manager, South Asia, with the five millionth carton Crown Records Management India has stored its five millionth carton. The region, which has been active for two decades has expanded its operations considerably in the past five years, growing by up to 25 percent year on year. 
Praveen Joseph, General Manager, South Asia, said: “India being a developing market has boosted our growth. Foreign investments have increased, allowing international brands to set up operations.”
Currently, Crown Records Management has 11 locations across India, adding up to a total of 600,000 square feet of storage space. According to Praveen, there’s potential for these figures to keep rising. “We’re in the space business,” he said, adding, “Our duty is to increase the space when the requirement grows. Each location operates at 70 to 80 percent capacity at all times and when the need arises we scale up. Scalability is what our customers need.”
Physical space isn’t the only area where Crown Records Management is growing in India, there’s also increasing demand for digital information management services. Praveen explained, “Corporations are calling for both hard copy storage and digital management. The volumes and enquiries related to digital management have increased drastically in the past two years. It will certainly outpace physical storage eventually.” 
Praveen is certain that it’s Crown’s service, not just India’s economy, that’s promoting this growth. He said: “Crown’s emphasis on exceeding quality standards and prompt response, unmatched in the Industry, is what is attracting new customers and prompting existing customers to remain with us and use additional services.”