Is your business ready for the Year of the Pig?


Chinese New Year is all about starting afresh and cleaning up your office. Here are some top records management solutions to make your document processes more efficient and ensure your business is ready for the Year of the Pig.

1. Getting rid of old documents

Are you keeping track of your documents? Have you kept them beyond their retention period? If you are throwing away your old documents during the spring clean, you will need a document destruction service. We can remove and destroy your documents for you or bring equipment to your place of work for on-site destruction. 

2. Clearing out your office

Stop dedicating expensive office floor space to a dying format. If you still need to keep paper documents for legal or compliance reasons, get them out of the office and on to a shelf in one of our warehouses. You can get your files back in a matter of hours if you need them, as every single one is barcoded and simple to track down. Once you’ve found a new, cheaper home for the files, freeing out your office space will bring in good luck and a better working environment to the office this year!

3. Managing your filing systems

Time and the tide of the digital revolution waits for no man. A second way to save office space and tidy up your office is to digitalize your documents. Get ahead of the curve and contact our teams for more information on how we can help to digitize your records system, making sure your digitalized documents are secure and accessible to you and your colleagues.