It’s all about full security and vision

It’s inevitable, some day you won’ be able to reach your office due to an unforeseen circumstance: a sudden flood, a protestor mob or even just the Bangkok-style half day traffic jam!It’s all about full security and vision

To avoid impact on your business on the occasions that these unforeseen circumstance do occur, it’s important to have your valuable data stored in a safe place so your business can keep moving on. We can help you take the first step by providing you with an instant report, empowering you with all the accuracy tracking of everything related to your records.

There will be a day when you need to transform your data from document papers to electronic data,  and vice versa. And, then share this sensitive data securely with your co-worker overseas. We can help you professionally manage this process, saving your teams a lot of time.

Are you looking for the one-stop-service provider to eradicate following-up with several parties and minimize risk of a data breach? That one single service provider who can offer everything you would need for your records management. We are the solution and can do much more than relief your concerns above.

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About the author

Walailuk Jeamsareerat Records Management Division Manager

A native born Thai, who has been with Crown for more than eight years. Walailuk is working along with both worldwide corporates and domestic firms in various industries, and fully understand the customer concerns regarding the global policies on records, security and risk management. Her team is expertise on designing the tailor made solutions to suit each corporate’s requirements.