It’s coming … there’s no hiding

European ministers are soon to approve the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This crucial piece of legislation will completely transform data protection policies and procedures by the time it is enforced in 2018.

The “right to be forgotten” has already been a trending topic. Both Google and Microsoft rush to remove outdated personal data from internet searches in response to a European Court of Justice ruling. However, that ruling is just the thin end of the wedge as the EU attempts to provide a European-wide regulation to replace the UK Data Protection Act.

More importantly, the new regulation will offer citizens far more control over their personal data, including a right to ask for it to be deleted or corrected. Huge fines will be given to companies that negligently breach the regulations. These could reach four percent of the company’s global turnover, or 100 million euros, if not greater. It’s likely that every company that handles data and has more than 25 employees will need to employ a Data Protection Officer.

The new regulation will have a significant impact on all businesses that handle data – not just data controllers. It is vital for companies to put systems in place early that allow them to know exactly what data they hold, how it was sourced, how to access it and how to edit it. Rules around data privacy are changing across the world too – Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and even China have new legislation in the pipeline.

Four tips to survive the EU General Data Protection Regulation