Looking to the future of records management

Tiffany Chao and Alexander Haick, Thompson Global Internship Program interns
What does the future hold for records management? We asked the next generation of business leaders to find out. 
Tiffany Chao and Alexander Haick arrived in Hong Kong last month fresh from their graduation ceremony at San Jose University. They’re here as part of the Thompson Global Internship Program for first-hand experience of working in a global company and to learn about the records management industry. 

Inspiring future leaders


Right at the beginning of their internship, Tiffany and Alexander had the opportunity to hear about Crown Worldwide Group from founder and fellow San Jose graduate Jim Thompson and our Chief Executive Officer, Ken Madrid. Alexander said, “There’s no other company where you would hear a presentation from the Executive Leadership Team on your first day and then work just a door knock away from the company’s CEO.”
Since their arrival, they’ve also been working with Philip Britton, Global Vice President of Crown Records Management, to carry out an audit of the brand’s physical and digital information management services at branches around the world. “The aim is for each location to share best practice about how they respond to the demands of different markets,” explains Tiffany.

Looking good on paper


Both Tiffany and Alexander are from California, home to Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the U.S., so they were taken aback at the predominance of paper records. “The world is still so reliant on keeping paper records to comply with regulation,” Alexander observes. “I was amazed by how much property Crown Records Management owns to cope with this customer need.”
Tiffany adds, “Everything that can be digital where we live generally has shifted in that direction. The sheer size and continuous growth with the physical records management industry on a global level took us both by surprise.”

Going digital 


However, they see change on the horizon in the next five to seven years. Tiffany explains, “Records management is at a crucial juncture in the maturation stage of its industry life cycle. Short term industry growth through acquisitions and increased growth among heavily paper-based industries like healthcare and banking will continue to prosper.” 
Alexander expands on this vision of the future, saying, “Long-term changes within the records management industry will see a move towards digitalization on a global scale. We feel that by investing heavily into owning its warehouses, Crown is in a unique position to cope with these changes and will be afforded the opportunity to shift its records management services to compete within the digital age.”

A valuable experience


With change approaching, the SWOT analysis that Tiffany and Alexander are conducting of Crown Records Management’s service offerings and global service partners is absolutely crucial. It’s not all been hard work, though, they’ve also had a time to sample a bit of Hong Kong life. Tiffany enthuses, “Hong Kong is a very exciting city with great food and sightseeing opportunities.” Alexander adds, “Some of my favorite things are the MTR during rush hour, the countless amazing restaurants and the famous Victoria Peak.”
Their experience at Crown’s headquarters will stand them in good stead for their first steps into the world of work. For Tiffany, an accounting role with the big four awaits and Alexander is hoping to obtain his MBA and work his way into software project management. “The understanding we’re gaining about how a global company functions will be so useful for the future,” says Tiffany. Alexander agrees, saying, “Working on a globally scaled project is invaluable.”