Malware volumes increase as threat evolves, Cisco reports

Threat to file security increases as malware evolves, claims Cisco reportCisco has reported an eleven fold increase in malware volumes between January 2016 and October 2017. The technology company’s latest report highlights the evolution of malware as one of the most significant developments in the cybersecurity landscape and claims it has the potential to take down the Internet. 
While malware previously had to be distributed by download, email or by attaching an external device to a computer, new attacks don’t require human action. In fact, an active and unpatched workstation is all that’s needed for an attacker to target your company. 
As well as self-propagating, this new generation of malware is using our defences against us. Cisco notes that attackers are using encryption, which was developed with security in mind, to avoid malware activity being detected. Attackers are also taking advantage of the way security mechanisms work. For instance, malware that’s triggered by closing rather than opening a document can pass undetected through most sandboxes. 
With half of attacks costing more than US$ 500,000 in lost revenue, customers and opportunities, it makes sense for companies to invest more in their defences. However, the report warns that we can’t simply rely on technology, which can only address 26 percent of security issues. Particularly as mobile workforces increasingly depend on the internet of things and cloud-based storage, Cisco says, employee training is one of the most important parts of a company’s defence strategy along with robust policies. 
The report concludes with a warning that malware will continue to evolve and volumes will continue to increase. As such, security and proper information management should continue to be a priority for companies. 
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