Philippines participates in city-wide earthquake drill

Following the May 2015 release of the new Philvocs (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) valley fault system Atlas, Metro Manila conducted a city-wide disaster preparedness drill on July 30. 

Crown Records Management Philippines took part in this exercise with in-house earthquake drills, and planning sessions for all staff to minimize loss of life and property in the case of an event. The management team also participated in planning sessions to ensure support to our customers in the case of such an event as client files and data tapes stored at Crown’s facility are an integral part of our customers’ business continuity plan.   

The Philvocs maps indicate the West Valley fault line runs through the busy commercial and residential centers of QC, Pasig, Taguig, Makati, Muntilupa, Laguna and Cavite while the East valley fault line runs through Rizal. Estimates from Philvocs indicate that Metro Manila may see a serious event of magnitude 7.2 within our lifetime.

Our facility in Philippines is strategically located outside of the Metro Manila area, in nearby Laguna Technopark. Situated in a low density, light industry, industrial estate, we are well placed as an off-site storage facility for Metro Manila based companies. The industrial estate has disaster teams within the park and is directly accessible to the modern South Luzon Expressway with two possible entry points. The facility and racking within meets seismic zone 4 building requirements ensuring stability in the case of a magnitude 7 event. 

More information on city-wide disaster preparedness drill