Start your paper diet today

Are you information fat?

Hands up who is still sticking to their new year’s resolutions? If not, maybe the wrong resolutions were created in the first place! Did you think about resolutions for your information to trim off those extra paper inches? Crown Records Management can help you achieve this goal.

Evidence shows that the use of paper is on a downward trend and there is now far more dependence on electronic information. Despite this, the paperless office still seems impossible.

Fear not! The dream of less paper and more space doesn’t end there. It is possible to begin a well-balanced and maintainable paper diet. We all know this will improve accessibility, business performance and customer service. However, the processes and cultural change required to accomplish this goal are not as easy as everyone believes.

A paper diet is a way of life, rather than a “lose 20 kilos of paper a week” scheme. To help you begin yours, download our guide containing seven tips to kick-off your very own paper diet campaign, where no gym equipment is required!