We won the O’Neil Partner of the Year Award

We’re thrilled to share that Crown Records Management has won the O’Neil partner of the year in Asia Pacific. O’Neil are our software partners who develop and support our records management software, RSSQL/RMweb. They provide their products to over 1000 record centers across 80 countries and have been in business for 30 years.

We won the O’Neil Partner of the Year Award
Philip Britton, Group Vice President, Records Management Services

The award recognizes partners for proactively working with O’Neil, making use of their product range and staying up to date on the industry. We were up against strong competition from over 100 other APAC companies who also use O’Neil software.

The award was presented to Iwan Turner, our Systems Consultant and Trainer, at an O’Neil conference, he commented: “I was very pleased to accept the award. The conference itself was excellent, seeing the technological benefits we’ll soon be able to get our hands on was very exciting. O’Neil have been busier than ever with the live demos of their forthcoming products. We haven’t seen a great amount of new features in the last couple of years but they’re definitely on the way soon.”

The Vice President of Marketing, Mike Jacobs, commented: “Crown has consistently worked to maximize the utilization of the O’Neil software suite to enhance their customers’ experience. To assist with this objective, Crown has talented technical and training staff to ensure proper and consistent use of O’Neil across a wide geographic base. The inherent cultural and business challenges posed by this wide area is testimony to the Crown customer focus and overall process.

“Additionally, Crown is an excellent and creative partner with O’Neil regarding the development of new features and capabilities to benefit the end user base. Always looking for ways to improve, Crown is a model regarding continuous process improvement. We are very pleased to award Crown Records Management as O’Neil Partner of the Year 2015 for the Asia-Pacific Region.”

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