Well-known companies suffer huge data breaches

The importance of protecting customer data is higher than ever. Not only because of potential fines for data breaches (which will soon increase when the EU General Data Protection Regulation is ratified) but also because of growing public awareness.

Three recent reports of major data breaches highlight the importance of looking after company information.Well-known companies suffer huge data breaches

  1. A major cell phone supplier in the U.K., Carphone Warehouse, experienced a cyber-attack that left personal details of up to 2.4 million of its customers vulnerable to hackers.
  2. Canada based, Ashley Maddison, the controversial dating website for people who want to have affairs, suffered a huge data hack with more than 30 million customers' data stolen and leaked.
  3. U.K. holiday company Thomson accidently shared the home addresses, telephone numbers and flight dates of nearly 500 customers via email.

Businesses need to look at the way they protect their information, understand where the threats are and start putting robust processes in place to protect their customers.

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