Why you should not rely on an office shredder?

In many cases if a very small volume of records exists, the belief is that they can be destroyed internally, using a small office shredder. But doing so can expose you to risk, why?

In the case of a simple office shredder that shreds only a few documents at a time, the ability to recreate that document is much easier given the small amount that is being shredded. For large volumes of records, it is advisable to apply the resources of a credible shredding and destruction company. They will ensure that the paper is shredded small enough and in enough volume that it is virtually impossible for the information to be pieced back together and put your company at risk.

The Shredding Service Requirement

With the risks associated with retaining documents that were intended to be destroyed, the following criteria should be the baseline standard for the records shredding or the service requirements of a records management professional:

1. A secure and complete confidentiality at every stage of command, from collection to transportation, storing and servicing to final destruction. Confirm that the process retains security throughout and that there are no potential breaches. Some records management professionals have been known to collect paper in secure devices only to expose all the paper to risk in unlocked, easily accessible buildings.

2. A “Certificate of Destruction” that clearly shows responsibility and confirmation that the documents, which were required to be shredded, actually were shredded. This legal certificate of destruction maintains a complete audit trail.

3. The output of the shredded paper should conform to the international baseline standard of shredding as defined by the information destruction industry’s trade association, the “National Association of Information Destruction” (NAID). Shredded paper should be no larger than 6.3 x 1.91 centimeters in a crosscut output, or no wider than 1.6 centimeters in a strip-shred output.

Crown ensures that information is destroyed safely and securely, meeting all legal requirements for data protection, privacy and environmental protection. Contact us to find out more about our secure destruction services.