During their history, crown have grown with the industry, serving the world

Crown Records Management was established as a division of the Crown Worldwide Group in 1983.

Since that time, the explosion of documents and electronic business information has increased the need for records and information management worldwide.

Throughout its history Crown has extended its services and developed products to support clients worldwide. We have introduced secure destruction, imaging and hosting, and integrated systems platforms.

In 2000 Crown introduced O'Neil RSSQL barcode tracking system throughout the group. By 2002 Crown had completed a roll out of RSSQL to become an integrated global records management supplier. Crown continues to work with O'Neil on research and development to constantly expand its technology to meet clients' changing needs.

Maintaining our technology leadership, we are currently developing cloud-based IT integration with our clients.

Through an ongoing series of acquisitions, Crown Records Management is extending its services to other countries. With each new center, Crown introduces customers to its expertise and its high quality standard – ensuring that its reputation for good service is carried to each new location.

In 1994 the Crown Worldwide Group acquired Grace Records Management, the industry leader in Australia. Grace has since grown to more than seven times its size, measured by information under management at its facilities all over the continent.

In 2006 Crown acquired Pickfords Records Management, a major supplier of RIM in the UK and Ireland. The UK business is substantial, having been established for many years.

Crown’s expansion has continued in Africa, through the acquisition of Athema in 2009, and it now serves more than 300 clients. Crown’s vast experience combined with its newly acquired scanning operation in South Africa brings clients a full spectrum of services.

Innovative technologies provide clients with web-based systems to retrieve records in storage, generate customized reports and access invoices and billing information. Off-site data storage and hosting services enable clients to access electronic files via secure web link.

A new management center opened in Ota-ku, Japan, approximately 30 minutes south of Tokyo’s business district. Crown is investigating properties just outside Metro Tokyo and will further expand its presence in the near future.

In 2014 Crown acquired Carepak Records Management in Manila and Cebu in the Philippines, making us the company the largest records management supplier in the country.

With its continuing acquisitions, Crown offers a trusted service to the global, regional and local business communities. Philip Britton, Group Vice President of Records Management adds, “Our acquisitions have improved our global capacity and also our capabilities, through such innovations as multilingual web interfaces, which help many of our clients throughout the world.”