As Account Manager, Damian brings to the Hawaii branch over three years of account management experience. Damian lived in Japan for six years and brings a service-oriented "Japanese customer service" approach to all of his current and prospective clients, focused on solution-based selling from a consultative perspective.

What is most important about off-site storage?

I believe location to be the most important factor when choosing an off-site storage facility. Crown’s facility in Hawaii fits this requirement well as it is far from the island’s numerous inundation zones.

What sectors are ahead of the game when managing data?

Crown Records Management in Hawaii works with all sectors within our marketplace. In my opinion, the two zones spearheading records management are legal and medical. 

How long have you worked in the records management industry?

I have worked in the records management industry for over five years, with over three years with Crown Records Management Hawaii. Previously, I was an account executive for a technology firm specializing in document management via multi-functional copiers and network service solutions.