Beginning his career with Crown in 1991, Gary has a solid and in-depth knowledge of the records management industry. In his position, Gary specializes in ensuring that Crown Records Management is in full compliance with applicable regulations and in analyzing all risk related issues.

Additionally, Gary is experienced and oversees topics regarding insurance, internal auditing, corporate investigations and information security.

1. How long have you worked in the records management industry?

I have worked in the records management industry for 12 years having responsibility for identifying, analyzing, controlling, financing and administering the risks Crown faces globally.

2. Is there such thing as a breach-free company?

No website or personal information can be guaranteed to remain secure against determined hackers.  The frequency of companies subjected to breaches continues to increase.

The breaches at Fortune 500 companies and national government agencies are the ones that tend to make the front page. It only makes sense, as large financial institutions and national retailers have more customers, more employees, and more data on individuals in their systems. However, data breaches at smaller and medium sized organizations are occurring with greater frequency and reach, thus causing just as much business disruption, financial loss and consumer anxiety.

3. Is the Data Protection Law: a hindrance or help?

The real purpose of the various data protection laws are helpful. They require anyone who collects and uses private information to only use that information for the purpose for which it was collected and to keep the information secure from anyone else who might use it to the disadvantage of the data subject.  They help protect customer’s privacy, and when a company has strong controls in place, they can help differentiate that company in the marketplace.