As Training and Project Manager for Crown Records Management, APAC, Graeme is responsible for auditing, training and supporting records management branches, new system procedures and providing solutions for specific customer requirements.

Graeme is involved in project development and roll-out for clients and Crown globally, this ranges from global contracts to new facilities and discrete projects.

Graeme joined Crown in 2006 in the U.K., with a background in logistics and project management. After a time as a Branch Supervisor, he soon progressed to Project Manager for EMEA. In 2010, Graeme transferred to Crown Middle East to manage their records management operations in Dubai. Then in 2013, Graeme took up his current role and is now based in Hong Kong.

1. What trends and changes have you noticed during your years working in the Records and Information Management Industry?

As the standard of storage facilities improves, we are continuing to see transnationals expect the same standards in more developing markets.

Despite the growth in technology such as cloud storage, paper remains the mainstay of records management.

2. Will there be a need for records/archiving in the future? Will we ever go paperless?

I don’t see there will ever be a time when there won’t be a need. In fact, as compliance requirements expand so will the need. I expect there will be a continued gradual growth in electronic records, but it will be slow, especially outside of western countries.

3. Is the Data Protection Law: a hindrance or help?

Such laws may first appear to put onerous requirements on the industry, but they are positive in the long run. They provide guidance and certainty to businesses seeking to manage their liabilities and obligations.