June is a Chinese National currently based and living in Hong Kong. She joined Crown Records Management in 2014 after graduating with a Masters in E-Commerce. Her primary role is to provide O’Neil systems support for Crown Records Management in APAC. This includes operations monitoring, administration tasks and supporting the training and developments undertaken by RM Global Support.

1. How long have you worked in the records management industry?

I worked in the records management industry for just a short time. Therefore, I continually learning, improving my knowledge and gaining experience in this industry.

2. Is it possible to be paperless?

In today’s society, people prefer soft copy data instead of printing documents. For example, the modern way of job searching in by sending your resume online rather than going to an office in person for submission. Therefore, it is possible to be paperless. However, a complete paperless society is a long way off.

3. Is the Data Protection Law: a hindrance or help?

Nowadays, many companies hold sensitive information about individuals such as bank details and medical information. Therefore they need to ensure that this information is not misused or shared with the wrong people. The Data Protection Law ensures that people’s personal data is handled correctly.