Mona is the Strategic Account Manager for Crown Records Management for a variety of regional and global accounts. Her responsibility is to maintain and ensure that a continuous and excellent relationship is kept with both existing clients and potential clients across the globe. She designs and sets up new services and projects with clients and ensures Crown delivers consistent services in all locations.

Mona joined Crown in 2000 and has worked in several areas of the division. As a result, Mona’s key areas of expertise lie in client relationship management, project management and business development.

1. What trends and changes have you noticed during your years working in the Records and Information Management Industry?

Over the eight years of working in a global position, I have seen international companies shift their records and information management scope from local to regional and global level. They tend to setup partnership with regional and global records management companies. Internal operation or records management procedures are structured at group level. With the assistance of their global and regional records management service suppliers, their internal procedures can be reinforced.

With the implementation of Data Protection Laws and industry compliance, companies are proactive in standardizing their internal process and enforcing stricter control of their records and data. It has led to our industry becoming more technology and compliance driven.

2. Will there be a need for records/archiving in the future? Will we ever go paperless?

The definition of “records” shouldn’t be just limited to physical paper documents. Records come in different forms: paper, media tapes, CD or in the server. Even though the grow of paper records is slowing down, the speed of information being generated is faster than ever.  With all sorts of information created in a virtual environment, security is the biggest issue.  So, there’s always a need for records management.

Many organizations encourage a paperless office where less paper documentation is created. It’s all related to people’s habits. New generations may adopt the paperless office easily, however as it stands, many people are used to reading from paper and believe paper records are more secure that digital records. I believe that one day we will go paperless, but not in the near future.   

3. Is the Data Protection Law: a hindrance or help?

Data Protection Law provides a better guideline and helps organizations to protect their data.  However, companies need to spend extra money and supply extra manpower to setup their internal policies to comply with the regulations. The complexity of building the framework and monitoring the internal process is a big challenge for organizations.