With over 23 years of service in the industry, Peter Foy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the records management industry. His specialty is the RS–SQL system and the physical operation of records management covering administrative, warehouse and transport procedures. This background allows him to generate both internal and external customized reports to provide usable, actionable information. Peter is a member of trade associations PRISM International and ARMA International.

What is most important about off-site storage?

The most important thing when working with an off-site storage company is working with someone you can trust. Someone you know has your best interests at heart. Off-site storage providers have an obligation to protect your information and ensure you have the ability to comply with any local laws and regulations. It’s not just about storing boxes and backup tapes. It’s about protecting and managing information in a secure and efficient manner. If you do not use a provider that has the same goals as you, you will not be able to get the most out of your records management program.

Is it possible to be paperless?

Personally, I don’t think this will ever happen, at least not in our generation. Paper has been around for a very long time and the reason for that is because it is very good at what it does. It’s cheap, easy to use and easy to secure. I do believe there are certain areas or functions where going paperless may be an option. But in those cases other concerns arise. Technology moves very fast and with that speed come pitfalls. You would need to stay on top of the technology to ensure your systems are secure, not obsolete and continue to be functional. And you always have to remember as fast as technology is developed and used by the good guys, the same is being done by the bad.  Sometimes the simplest solution—like paper—is the best answer.

Will data breaches ever be a thing of the past?

Unfortunately, no, I don’t think data breaches will ever be a thing of the past. As long as people need access to information there will always be the risk of a breach. We simply have to do our best to put policies and practices in place in order to minimize the risk of a breach and any potential impact should a breach occur.