Background and challenges

The Swiss company, ABB, is a manufacturer of power and automation technologies whose products assist utilities and industrial customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The group is in 100 countries and employs 105,000 people. Its offices in India sought Crown advice on records management.

ABB has more than enough factory space to store its records, but was finding it increasingly difficult to locate items from the stack. There was no one available at ABB to organize its important documents and bring some much needed efficiency to how information is used.

The solution

People on site

ABB appointed Crown as its exclusive records management services supplier to manage 4,500 cartons. Crown stations three people in each facility, a supervisor and two packers. They offer expertise and advice on how to optimise racking to make the best use of ABB’s storage space. They also guide ABB employees in siting file storage units, provide guidelines on security precautions the best security systems to instal.

Technology partners

Crown designed a process for ABB to improve collection, archiving, storage, retrieval and destruction of documents. Employees from ABB and Crown worked together to setup PC and internet connectivity on site. This is where the barcode tracking software (O’Neil Software – RS~SQL, a barcode-driven audit and tracking system) and barcode scanners are connected. All new inventory and records of retrievals are tracked with these scanners. The data is then automatically uploaded into web software, which gives everyone (ABB and Crown employees, on-site and off-site) shared access.

Crown also supplies ABB with periodic efficiency reports. These reports ensure that no data has been lost, office space is being optimised, document distribution is controlled and monitored, and the areas are safe with secured smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

The outcome

"I am pleased with the progress and teamwork of ABB and Crown," said Mr. K. Rajagopal, CFO ABB India. "I'd like to see all of our locations in India to follow suit." In fact, plans are underway for Crown to manage file storage in two more of ABB's facilities. This would bring the total files up from 81,000 to 100,000 files.

Crown now provides document management in three of ABB's facilities: Vadodara, Nashik and Mumbai. Mr. K.N. Patil, Vice President, Shared Services at ABB, was been pleased with the working relationship. “The roll-out of this new service has been very smooth and Crown has integrated well into ABB,” said Mr. Patil. “It was important for the ABB staff to be on board immediately with this project so it would be successful. Now we have Crown providing us with good account and project management.”