Insurance industry


Background and challenges

This particular client has two offices in Singapore and previously, had never outsourced its document storage services. Their files were stored in-house and managed by the two members of staff. As a result, several problems occurred:

  • These two staff members were often absent themselves from work
  • All the files were kept without proper indexing
  • The files were manually tracked, which meant sometimes the files couldn’t be located
  • File whereabouts were not being tracked when being retrieved by various departments

The situation became increasingly frustrating. All these files were live documents which cost the client when they couldn’t be found.

The outcome

Crown implemented a document management process for all of the client’s staff to follow. Now, instead of taking the original files back, they can retrieve a soft copy online. This also reduces the time required to access the file needed. All files are tracked with better control.

The client commented: “With Crown’s expertise, they have assisted us to develop an efficient process for our company’s record management. This has reduced our stress and made our work more effective. Now we can concentrate on our core activities”.