Complete confidence in data destruction demands a high degree of trust and a fastidious adherence to process

When it’s gone, it’s gone. If only it were that simple.

Protecting your personnel, your customers and your corporate reputation from an information breach or loss is now a legal matter.

Privacy laws and data protection require appropriate controls to be in place to demonstrate that you take the necessary steps to protect the information you collect and process throughout your organization.

To have confidence that no part of your organization is failing to meet your obligations under the law, entails considerable trust in the process and the people.

Crown ensures that information is destroyed safely and securely, meeting all legal requirements for data protection, privacy and environmental protection

Complete confidentiality at every stage
At every stage of the process from collection to transportation to final destruction, your information will be protected. 

If required, we will provide waste sacks, locked consoles, bins or containers onsite to safely store information before collection.

Collections (timed to match your schedule) are undertaken by trained and vetted staff.

Your materials are loaded into secure vehicles and transported to a destruction center. All our centers are secure and access is restricted to authorized personnel. Robust security controls include CCTV surveillance.

Appetite for destruction
Secure destruction services are not limited to paper documents. We offer the same level of security for the disposal of electronic data and other identifiable or security-sensitive materials:

  • Microfilms
  • X-rays
  • Photographs
  • Computer disks
  • Tapes, 
CDs & DVDs
  • Uniforms
Security tags
  • Marketing materials
  • ID badges

Once your materials have been destroyed, we will issue a legal certificate of destruction to maintain a complete audit trail.

No such thing as waste
Information is destroyed and recycled wherever in the world practically and commercially possible, which helps you to meet your environmental obligations and targets.

We also take our own environmental responsibilities seriously, offsetting our emissions by tree planting, increasing greenery and indigenous planting on company premises.