Document Management Services

Document management - complete confidence with immediate availability

Many factors contribute to the rising cost of storing business information, including administrative staff and the use of valuable office space. Crown's off-site document management solutions not only free up valuable office space and eliminate the burden of coordinating and managing cartons and files, but also provide automated retention notifications and destruction alert services. These alerts help clients meet corporate standards for retaining and destroying their documents, which support regulatory requirement strategies.

Business records need to be kept safe and secure, yet easily accessible to their employees. Off-site document management is more than just document storage, it's also about having a comprehensive records management solution that manages business information from inception through the document&'s lifecycle, and to eventual destruction.

Crown provides flexible options that are tailored to clients' needs. Secure Management Centers are staffed with experienced professionals who pride themselves on their proactive, customer-focused approach to meet the individual needs of each and every client.