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Document Scanning

Maximise your business efficiency with our document scanning solutions

Digital scanning is the key to transforming printed information into searchable and indexable text. Basic scanning rapidly digitises documents, while advanced digital scanning technology takes it a step further, allowing for efficient archiving and easy sharing of your documents.

Scanning Solutions from Crown

We understand that every business is unique, that is why we offer highly customisable scanning services in Malaysia that will meet your needs. We specialise in:

1) Document scanning & imaging

  • Bulk scanning or batch scanning for large volume of documents in a single batch
  • OCR scanning to recognise and extract text from scanned images of documents
  • Large format scanning for document up to A0 size

2) Document scanning by the box

  • Efficient document scanning for smaller volume documents



The Benefits of document scanning & digital storage

  1. 1. Space efficiency & cost savings

    Free-up valuable real estate within your workspace. Our document scanning and digital storage solutions free up physical storage for more productive and profitable uses.

  2. 2. Elevated security & compliance

    Improve your document’s security with digital encryption and access controls.

  3. 3. Enhanced access & collaboration

    Empower your team for greater efficiency. Streamlined workflows and faster access to information help reduce the hours spent on time-consuming document management task.

  4. 4. Sustainable solutions

    Our digital solutions reduce paper consumption, lower physical storage needs and help protect vital natural resources and minimise waste, aligning with global sustainability efforts.

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