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Digital scanning & imaging

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Intelligently making the physical, digital

Digitising handwritten and printed information helps to make text indexable and searchable. Scanning your documents can make them digitally available in seconds, but digitisation technology can take this one step further. This allows you to properly archive and share even handwritten notes.

What can digitisation do for your data?

  1. Preservation – more convenient than making a copy, an electronic record creates a master variant, from which any number of further copies can be produced, both in electronic and printed form.
  2. Communication – digitised information is easier to share, formatted in standard file types for immediate transfer to both clients and employees.
  3. Searchable – Improvements in the accuracy of software to recognise text, handwriting and form fields have revolutionised records management. Making it possible to dig ever deeper into previously inaccessible information.

Collection, capture and conversion

Flexibility is crucial in the digital environment. We build the process around your company’s needs to ensure the best workflow and maximum compliance.

Images are produced in a wide range of formats to suit your needs and are delivered using a multitude of options, from removable storage units to SFTP, or they can even be hosted on the web.

Digital character recognition (OCR and ICR) allows for fast processing. We are able to use machine learning to identify document types and to recognise images in order to efficiently direct the data to the right parts of the system and to key individuals, for further processing.

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