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Record management has very often been perceived as filing and storing of documents which are not actively used in an organisation’s daily operations. It could simply mean packing these documents into boxes and causing a lot of headaches in space management at one’s office premises.

Storage remains an important service for many businesses and that is unlikely to change; but as information management and data protection continues to evolve, these boxes of document cannot be ignored and not stored properly

GDPR is here and bring with it stricter guidelines on what information can be stored. Many documents need to be kept for legal and regulatory reasons and others hold information which could have value in future.

Crown Records Management has been helping corporate worldwide in document management system as part of their record management effort since more than 55 years ago. Helping clients worldwide increase its productivity and efficiency through cost-efficient carton management and storage solutions.

Our secure warehouse facilities are armed with racking structure that optimize space to store cartons of documents more economically. All documents are packed in cartons and managed with a barcode system for:

This means not only will you be able to cut down on expenses, you will also be able to free up your office space for revenue-generating opportunities rather than storing documents. Learn more about the various records management solutions HERE.

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