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Vizio (Visitor Management System)

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A Digitally Secure and Intuitive Solution Designed To Enhance Visitor Experience

Why is a visitor management system important?

With the changing landscapes of workplaces, there is a pressing need to change how we manage our visitors and their experience. It has become imperative to move on from the conventional visitor register book and introduce a digital visitor management system to keep a track of visitors and leverage the information that they bring in.


visitor management system from Crown Singapore

VIZIO- Managing visitors made secure and hassle-free

Vizio is a digital visitor management solution from Crown Records Management that helps you manage visitors digitally for your businesses, offices and organisations. Our solution securely records key information, eases the visitor registration process, and saves the overall time for the visitor as well as the host. It makes sure that all data entered is stored safely and securely and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

It creates a safety framework for your workplace by preventing just about anyone from directly entering your premises. It also helps in the effective management of daily foot traffic.

With advanced features like digital pre-registration, express check-ins, online visitor/employee dashboard, and instant data access, Vizio enables end-to-end tracking and monitoring of visitors within your premises. We believe in helping you improve and deliver an exceptionally superior visitor experience.

The VIZIO Advantage - VIZIO can do a lot more for your organization as compared to a traditional visitor management system.

  1. ✓ Digital check-ins

  2. ✓ Pre-registration using smartphones/ tabs

  3. ✓ Accessible and modifiable data

  4. ✓ Safe and contactless registration

  5. ✓ Cost-effective and eco-friendly

  6. ✓ No information leakage

  7. ✓ Easy and secure access to data

  8. ✓ Customisation

Deciding on the right visitor management system for your organisation is imperative. Understanding the features of a digital visitor management system is critical for increasing operational efficiency and ensuring a positive visitor experience with minimal disruption to your staff.


VIZIO offers the flexibility to customise the registration form which allows you to record the required information. Moreover, you can also choose who accesses the dashboard and how the data is to be stored.

Data Access

Unlike the traditional visitor register book where information is lost when the book is full, Vizio saves large tranches of information securely on cloud storage, with access to analyse the data anytime anywhere. A real-time dashboard allows administrators to view a current list of all visitors, upcoming visits and the location of each meeting. Further an administrator can also view, search, filter, and download complete visitor reports.

Digital Check-ins

Contactless pre-registration process in line with existing COVID-19 safety protocols saves time for your reception staff. By simply scanning a QR code on their smartphones, visitors are redirected to the check-in form and get access to book a meeting.


Investing in a visitor management system is cost-efficient, eco-friendly and economical as it is completely digital. You don’t need to maintain register books or hire staff for data entry. The digital system will also help reduce substantial paper usage in your organisation.

Other Features

  • Visitor and contractor management
  • Employee desk booking and office capacity management
  • Employee parcel management
  • Covid-19 screening
  • Accounts Payable

    Organisations of all sizes and from all industries share a common opportunity: to automate their Accounts Payable function.

  • HR DMS

    Crown's HR Document Management System (HRDMS) enables better management of employee files, equipping personnel with secure and instant access to information.

  • Contract management

    Digital contract files let you keep track of contract terms and deadlines, so you never miss key information or dates. Relevant information and documents are easily accessible in a central repository.

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