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Crown at IRMS

Crown Records Management removes the complexity of managing records, both physically and digitally, whilst transforming key business processes to improve efficiency.

Whether you need to control how you add more information, speed up an existing process, gaining quicker access to files, maximise workspace, or facilitate a more secure and compliant physical storage capability we have the experts to help.

Our information management services include:

  1. Information Audit

    An information audit helps you and your organisation discover and understand what information you have, its status and possible associated value or risk. This knowledge is valuable and can determine what should be kept, why, where, how to store it, for how long and who is responsible for it.

  2. Retention Policy Management

    The records retention policy is a crucial element of compliance; typically an overarching statement of how the company approaches data retention, explaining for each record how long a business needs to keep a piece of information, where it’s stored and how to dispose of it. Our experts can help you develop retention plans to suit your business and regulatory environment.

  3. Data Discovery

    Our software tools uncover where key data, such as unstructured data in free text fields, or sensitive data, reside across systems so that redaction, retention and resolution actions can be taken, if necessary, for compliance purposes.

  4. Data Redaction

    Redaction is the deletion of specific information in a document. Its sole purpose is to allow the selective disclosure of information so that it is suitable for publication without revealing any confidential, sensitive or private information contained in the original document.

  5. Enterprise Content Management

    Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, enables businesses to effectively capture, store, organise, and deliver critical information to their employees, business stakeholders and customers, through automated processes.

Crown Records Management operates with a worldwide team of experts who care about making a difference, making life simpler, operating sustainably and being renowned as the best at what we do. Our responsibility to our clients, our colleagues and our local communities is shared by every employee, through our code of conduct.


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