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Digital Transformation in the new normal

The need to access information quickly and easily has never been greater. The world expects answers within seconds and systems are geared up to deal with queries and questions in an instant. How does this work then, if you are working from home and the information that you need is in a file at work? This was not such a major issue until the pandemic hit and more and more people were encouraged to work from home.

The short-term solution to this was to implement scan-on-demand services, delivering the information that you need, to your desktop, or email, when you need it with Crown’s scanning services. However, this is only a small part of a much bigger challenge. What happens, for example, to the correspondence that arrives each day? If a document is scanned and emailed, is an email in-box the most secure way to store and manage data? How are you addressing that?

What about documents that employees are printing at home? Are they destroying them securely with a document shredding service, or are documents being sent for disposal with the household waste/recycling? Are you meeting all of your GDPR requirements?

Crown’s Digital Office incorporates many different technologies and processes to ensure that you are able to keep you data safe. Digital mailroom services provide access to documents as they arrive, and scanning solutions enable you to release information that has been locked inside your file repository, for years. None of this needs to go outside the organisation. There is no need to email attachments. Items are held within your own digital repositories, or Crown’s hosted solutions, with strong security controls in place.

Managing that data, controlling access, and keeping everything safe and secure, is supported through our ECM Software solutions. ELO Digital solutions ™ deliver a range of tools to help you manage your information and to provide workflow options to streamline business processes, reducing costs and making your whole operation more efficient.

The compliance landscape is constantly being enhanced. Therefore, with the move to greater home working, there has never been a better time to consider how to protect your data from unauthorised access, leakage, and loss.

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