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2022 UK&I Sustainability Report

Crown is delighted to have launched our first UK & Ireland sustainability report!

In a hugely challenging year for businesses all over the world, we are proud to have expanded our focus, looking not only at financial sustainability but on what makes us a responsible business, taking great strides in improving our environmental and social sustainability.

Knowing that a responsible business is the right thing for us to be, we have embarked on a journey and we are transforming accordingly.

Download the full report here!

Check out what we’ve been doing at Crown Records Management:

At Crown Records Management, we’re proud to have supported Crown Worldwide’s wider UK&I sustainability agenda. We’ve done this through investing heavily in digitising our services, closing one of our most energy intensive sites, as well as partnering with a media management expert and investing in secure data erasure of back-up tapes.

“We are working to better understand our areas of impact and influence and build the vision and pathway to a more sustainable future. We are on our way and have a strong desire to help both Crown and our clients to reduce their carbon footprints and become more responsible businesses.”

David Fathers, Regional Director, Crown Records Management

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