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Aligning Records Management to net zero targets

Like many other businesses, Crown Records Management is working to better understand our areas of impact and influence, and build the vision and pathway to a more sustainable future.

We are on our way, and have a strong desire to help both Crown and our clients to reduce their carbon footprints and become more responsible business.

We set a net zero target late last year and, restless for change, began to quantify the carbon emissions of our records management business. Combining the skills of our team with that of a carbon specialist, we sought to identify firstly a carbon dioxide equivalent value against a box of records held in one of our facilities, and secondly the carbon savings possible from completely digitising the whole data management process.

The figures were enlightening, giving further fire to our ambition and leading to the publication of this whitepaper.

We hope this whitepaper will help business to rethink their approach to records management and how doing so could contribute towards their net zero target, and benefit the environment as well as their finances.

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