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How the new digital era is driving office rationalisation

Companies everywhere are taking tough decisions to protect their business from today’s financial burdens.

Organisations are adapting to new ways of working, seeking opportunities to apply digital transformation and accelerating innovation by years in just a few months.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of the UK workforce transitioned into home working, switching face-to-face meetings for virtual ones, and relying on secure technologies to enable remote workers to continue their jobs (source: ONS).

Today, many organisations continue to operate a hybrid working policy in order to provide a better work-life balance.

Written by Matt Read

Matt is Head of Digital Services at Crown Records Management with 15 years’ experience in the field of digitisation, data extraction and information management.

Organisations are also reviewing their property portfolio, reviewing leases, and closing buildings or floors as they are no longer needed. Prime real estate is expensive and considerable savings can be made.

It is estimated that the cost per square foot for commercial property in Central London could increase to £110 per annum, making annual occupancy as high as £3.85 million (source: Statista).

Some of which will be underutilised!

In a pre-agile office, employees would require on average 2lm (linear metre) of storage. In an office of 100 employees, there would be a requirement for 67 filing cabinets (3 high 1000mm x 500mm) taking up approximately 80m2 of floor space (1.2m2 each including access).

Property strategies usually mean that companies are moving into smaller premises or closing them completely, which can leave challenges for the long-term storage of records.

As part of our property rationalisation programme, we have been helping organisations securely move business records so that their offices or floors can either be closed or merged. Our teams work to digitise important business records so that they are available to clients in seconds whenever and wherever they may be needed.

Our digitisation programmes provide significant savings and very quick return of investment. In cases where buildings, such as hospitals, will always remain open, we have helped clear space so that they can be better used for the delivery of core services.

In our everchanging information management landscape, we understand that organisations are focusing on their property portfolio, reducing space where possible and merging into regional offices, not only to save on cost and adapt to our new hybrid world, but to reduce their impact to the environment and support their net zero goals. This means that areas such a document storage and post rooms cannot be overlooked. Our outsourced solutions enable companies to meet their strategic goals and benefit from optimised digital solutions.

Simplify your mailroom processes with our Smart Mail solutions

Our Smart Mail solutions streamline the capture and classification of data, significantly reducing the time and cost required for managing incoming business information and providing simplicity to complex traditional mailrooms.

A PO Box diversion can be set up to re-route your important business mail to our central mail hub, Scan Central. This removes the worry for your organisation to sort and distribute mail internally, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

Once your mail is sorted for the day, we will upload it into our bespoke mailing software to support in the distribution across your business.

Think this can support your organisation? Find out more here!

It is certain that companies will continue to look at ways to save money and improve ways of working in this new digital era. To find out how Crown Records Management can help support you in digitising or storing records, click here.

Or, if you are interested in moving office, reach our to our Crown Workspace team here.

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