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Keep It Simple – Top 3 Ways to Get More from Your Capture Solution

Don’t miss this Free informative webinar from our friends at AIIM Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2-3 pm EST (GMT-5)1-2 pm CST; 12-1 pm MST; 11 am-12 pm PST
7-8 pm British Time (GMT); 8-9 pm Central Europe Time (GMT +1)

Capture is one of the most important elements in an organization as it brings the information into the information ecosystem, places it under proper control, and makes it accessible and available for action. Yet companies are struggling to fully realize the potential of their current systems, or they may have a short-term project and making a big investment just won’t have the ROI. But capture solutions don’t have to be so cumbersome, especially when modern capture offerings are now engineered in the cloud to have many flexible options.

In this webinar, AIIM President Peggy Winton will share results from our latest research reports as a way to help you make the business case with your team. She’ll show you areas to consider, and best practices for making the most of your capture solutions. We’ll also hear about:

  • Ways to integrate these new ideas and practices into your operations so people will want to use them
  • New lightweight purpose-built applications that are intuitive, accessible from anywhere, and can easily integrate with your existing repositories – that can make all this much easier to accomplish
  • How to define and learn more about enterprise-ready Capture-as-a-service that brings time-to-value down to days

According to recent AIIM research, 32% of respondents say that they are trying to understand or are actively defining their strategy for cloud deployment of capture. Attend this webinar to learn how this Capture-as-a-Service approach could be the right alternative for you.

By David Fathers

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