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Top 10 reasons to scan physical records

Are you interested in scanning your records? Check out Crown’s top 10 reasons to scan physical records below:

Businesses have more reasons than ever to digitise information

We estimate that there are up to 200m boxes of physical records stored in the UK alone – and the question of what to do with them should be at the top of the business agenda.

The obvious answer for many businesses is to scan paper records in order to produce a digital version.

Modern scanning is very advanced technology and provides much more than just a scan of physical data. In fact, intelligent software, like OCR, can copy text or handwritten data and make it searchable and editable.

Additionally, scanning can be used for invoicing, image processing, collaboration and tagging – and it’s very reliable.

Check out our top 10 reasons to scan physical records now:

In today’s commercial environment, businesses need to remove paper from current processes and enhance business workflows, increase staff efficiency and productivity, and reduce risk.

Crown’s extensive network of scanning and imaging centres and indexing services offer secure solutions to support your digital journey towards a more efficient workplace. Our approach to document scanning and imaging means that you can trust our team to help you manage the entire information lifecycle for both physical and digital information. You’ll be able to centrally access your information, free up valuable workspace and make the handling of your information, and its usage, much easier.

Contact Crown’s team of experts now to support you with all of your scanning needs!


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